SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said that he expects the Parliament to dissolve in time for the elections to be held on April 12, but only after the PPO law on state prosecutors Zaev proposed is adopted.

The Parliament can’t allow any games and the law must be debated and voted on. Maybe there will be a two – thirds majority, maybe not, but it’s fair to give the Parliament a chance to vote on the law, Zaev said.

The proposal, which would further concentrate Zaev’s power over the judiciary, caused a major rift between SDSM and its coalition partner DUI.

Zaev today confirmed that he wanted to send a message to DUI not to obstruct the adoption of several laws, chief among them the PPO law, and that the process must end by Sunday on midnight. Zaev confirmed that he is in talks with other parties to replace DUI in his coalition, if it becomes necessary.

We are talking to them, and we are making our analysis. I don’t see myself as the Prime Minister of a new coalition, our message to DUI was that they should stop playing games and help us give arguments to Holalnd and France and all other EU member states that we can adopt such important laws with a two – thirds majority, Zaev said.