Macedonia will open the Constitution just before joining the EU and then the smaller ethnic communities living in the country and not listed in the highest legal act in the country will be included in it. Sofia believes there is still hate speech against Bulgaria in textbooks and the public and there is a systematic violation of the rights of the citizens of Macedonia of Bulgarian origin and their discrimination.

Asked if Bulgarians will be included in our Constitution, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that before joining the EU, the Constitution is opened in order to change the common part with the EU member states, and then the smaller ethnic communities that are present and live in the country are included in it.

We have no prejudices. If someone wants us to do it tomorrow, even if we want to, we cannot. We do not have two thirds, nor should we, but we say it publicly because Bulgarians and Croats, Montenegrins and Egyptians and many other ethnic communities will be included in our Constitution ahead of accession, said Zaev.

Asked whether if the Bulgarians are included in the Macedonian Constitution, reciprocity will be required, ie inclusion of Macedonians in the Bulgarian Constitution, given that there are Macedonians in Bulgaria, Zaev said that it is Bulgaria’s right and that interference in the internal affairs of a neighboring country is not a message of friendship.