A day after he told US journalists that losing the EU accession date will bring down his Government, Zoran Zaev now says that he will not call for early elections if the decision this week is negative.

We need regularity in our elections. We must have predictability for our economy, and our country needs elections in the regular term. I consider October 2020 to be a date for regular elections, Zaev said.

The opposition demands elections in March 2020, in light of the abuse of the judiciary for political persecution, the major racketeering and corruption scandals and the likely loss of the EU accession date.

When the date is set, Zaev will need to resign three months in advance, and several key departments, including the Interior Ministry, will have to be placed under opposition management. Only a few weeks ago, Zaev insisted that elections in October can be considered “early”, since the regular term should be in December 2020.