Zoran Zaev today hinted that he will refuse the resolution proposed by VMRO-DPMNE, in which the conservative party asked that Macedonian parties adopt a joint position on the dispute with Bulgaria. Zaev claimed that he supports the points of the resolution, which demands that Macedonia stops making concessions with its national identity and language, but that he can’t support that it uses the name Republic of Macedonia, and not the imposed name “Republic of North Macedonia”.

The resolution uses Republic of Macedonia in several places. According to the Constitution, it should say “Republic of North Macedonia”. Also, every resolution has a preamble, and in it, the constitutional name is not mentioned, Zaev said.

The resolution demands that Macedonia rejects revisionism from Bulgaria, and affirms the continuity of the Macedonian nation and language in its territory.  VMRO-DPMNE rejects the name change and uses the name Republic of Macedonia.