The census is such a serious statistical operation that I identify with the statehood responsibility of the citizens, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with TV 24’s “Trilling” show, adding that such an attitude is one of the possible answers to the historical question of US President Kennedy what  citizens can do for their country.

The least we can do is to conduct the census so that the state, on behalf of the citizens, can manage the resources fairly, equally, evenly and create successful and strategic development policies. All  issues related to the census procedure due to the pandemic can be solved, primarily because a large part of the procedure is without physical contact due to the digitized process and to stand behind the census because we have not conducted that statistical operation for 19 years and that makes us one of the few countries without a census for such a long time, said Zaev in the interview.

Prime Minister Zaev emphasized that this is a very important statistical operation for the country’s progress and that is why the campaign to boycott the census is pointless.