Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who is attending the NATO Summit in Brussels, said that this is a historic summit for Macedonia and that we stand side by side with all NATO members and testify to its unity.

Zaev said that he stressed to our country’s allies that we are committed to the vision of the Balkans in the 21st century as a region of peace and stability.

We are committed to building a new Balkans with enhanced regional cooperation. That is why it is important for the Balkan countries to have clear visions, the prime minister said.

He thanked Stoltenberg for creating the 2030 agenda and for the broad consultation. The agenda, according to Zaev, addresses the changes in a timely manner and makes NATO ready for the 21st century.

Prime Minister Zaev, together with the leaders of NATO member states, participated in the plenary session of this year’s NATO Summit.

The heads of state and government at the Summit agreed that it was being held at a crucial moment for the Alliance and its collective security.

In an era of new shifts in the global security scene, NATO is strengthening its position in the face of challenges to jointly make strategic-level decisions to further adapt NATO and its key role in the future, the government press office said in a statement.