Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov threatens that if the two committees on historical issues do not sit down to discuss and reach an agreement on historical figures, Bulgaria will block the first intergovernmental conference of the Republic of Macedonia with the European Union.

With this, Karakachanov practically put Prime Minister Zaev before the final act to have to bargain that Goce Delcev is a Bulgarian, and that Macedonia has a Bulgarian history.

According to Karakachnov, if the disputed points are not resolved by the history committee, Bulgaria will block the intergovernmental conference, indicating that no EU member state will press Bulgaria to change its position.

We have said this a hundred times in the past ten months that if no agreement is reached on those issues, Bulgaria will retaliate at the First Intergovernmental Conference until the issues are resolved. That is the position of Bulgaria and it is very clear for Skopje, said Karakachanov.

He said Macedonia agreed to change the flag, to change the name. As early as last year, in November, ten months ago, you stopped the work of the History Committee. That is a sufficient basis for Bulgaria to raise this issue very clearly.

Such views of Karakachanov inflamed the revolt of Macedonians, who believe that the threats by Bulgaria and Karakachanov are based on previous statements by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and President Stevo Pendarovski.

In an interview, Zaev said: “Macedonians and Bulgarians are one people,” while Pendarovski shocked with the statement that “Goce Delchev declared himself a Bulgarian.”

Although it was stated that there can be no winner in the Macedonian-Bulgarian dispute, in the end it turned out that not only Bulgaria is the winner, but also that Macedonia is a humiliated state for the third time, and all this is a result of bad negotiations and bargaining by the Macedonian side directly from the SDSM government and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

It is obvious that this good-neighborly agreement, which was supposed to mean resolving the relationship between the two neighboring countries, will further worsen them.