Not a day goes by without a new clue, document or testimony about Zoran Zaev’s involvement in the Racket case. The media yesterday published new information, according to which Zoran Zaev was mentioned as the person who was aware of the racketeering, but also that Boki Tredici boasted that if the witness had paid the racket he would be appointed director of a telecommunications company in which the state is co-owner, reads VMRO-DPMNE statement.

The party says it is high time for the Public Prosecutor’s Office find the courage and summon Zoran Zaev for questioning. According to them, the racket that took place for over a period of several months could not happen without knowledge of the institutions of the system and the Prime Minister.

According to the victims’ statements, Boki Tredici was in constant communication, not only with Katica Janeva, who is the direct perpetrator of the crime, but also with senior government officials, who were de facto helpers and with their influence and authority enabled Boki Tredici to commit the racketeering. The PPO should stop delaying the investigation. To act in accordance with the law and to initiate an investigation against all potentially involved, says VMRO-DPMNE.

The party emphasizes that the Government, Zoran Zaev personally, the PPO and all stakeholders in the process should know that the future of Macedonia is more important than their political careers. Delaying the Racket case could seriously question the country’s start of EU negotiations.

Citizens do not deserve to be victims of Zaev’s criminal policies. The government should call early parliamentary elections as soon as possible. The future of Macedonia is at stake, says the opposition party.