Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says that before the country joins the European Union, the Constitution will be opened to include smaller ethnic communities.

Asked about the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani that the country is ready to include the Bulgarians in the Constitution, Zaev said that there is a readiness to include not only the Bulgarians but also the Croats, Torbeshi, Egyptians, Austrians, Romanians in the Constitution.

The Government has always maintained that the Constitution would have to be opened prior to the EU accession. One of the reasons for this is the smaller communities living in the country who have to be listed, similar to what Croatia did prior to its accession. This is years away, but we are prepared to do this, not only for the Bulgarians, but also for the Croats, Torbeshi, Egyptians, Austrians, Romanians and others, because we are an open society, a European country and we follow the European model, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday.