In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced a new economic package, which includes decriminalization and legalization of marijuana and tourist destinations. Zaev believes that the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana can greatly help tourism and hospitality industry.

The idea is to give an opportunity in the tourist places, including Skopje, the existing and new cafes, by respecting certain standards – ventilation, proof of origin of marijuana, etc., to enable the consumption of marijuana inside them, said Zaev in the interview, adding that the plan is to be controlled in a similar way as in Amsterdam.

The Prime Minister says that the standards will be the same for everyone and everyone will be able to apply.

I believe for a small country, it can bring serious development for hospitality industry and tourism, especially considering our beautiful tourist destinations: Struga, Ohrid, Resen, Dojran, Skopje, Berovo, Mavrovo and all other places, says Zaev.