Speaking to citizens in Prilep, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski blasted Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for blocking construction on the planned modern expressway to the city. The road, initiated and partially built during the VMRO-DPMNE term in office, was supposed to link Prilep, and by extension Bitola and the whole Pelagonija region, to the E-75 highway which remains Macedonia’s main infrastructure link. Sections of the existing road are notoriously difficult to navigate. But the Zaev regime ceased work on the road shortly after grabbing power in 2017, and the Spanish Rubau company that was hired for the main section of the road abandoned the project.

Not only that he didn’t build the road that was already underway, Zoran Zaev’s criminal Government stopped all work and left it in horrific state. So now they decide to use a helicopter to get to Prilep and avoid the potholes, Nikoloski said during his visit to the city. “Prilep is left as the dead-end of Macedonia, even though it’s in the center of the country”.

Zaev was strongly criticized several weeks ago when he took a police helicopter for a visit to the city. He put forward several explanations – from the ludicrous – that the helicopter ride is cheaper than using a motorcade, to insisting that the pilots needed the training.