The Expres news site reports that the Zaev Government is attempting to nominate Justice Minister Renata Deskoska as the next Macedonian representative to the Venice Commission. Deskoska is an SDSM party loyalist, and the move is planned to replace Tanja Karakamiseva, who is a strong critic of Zaev’s projects, especially the attempt to impose bilingualism on Macedonia. No public statement on this issue was made after the meeting of the Government yesterday, and Expres is asking the Government why is it hiding the decision?

The Venice Commission strongly criticized the Law on the use of Languages, which unconstitutionally expanded the official use of the Albanian language throughout the whole of Macedonia, even in municipalities where few Albanians actually live. DUI, the coalition partner of Zaev’s SDSM, demanded that Karakamiseva is removed from the Venice Commission, a move that would suit Zaev as well, since it would reduce the scrutiny his regime faces.

Zaev made it clear he has no intention to follow the opinion of the Venice Commission, as the Albanian language law is crucial for his support among ethnic Albanians – the only growing demographic for his party to find some support ahead of the elections.