As Zoran Zaev is trying to postpone the municipal election by several weeks, to the very last day of October, it is unclear whether he can even do it without the approval of the opposition parties.

This would require amending the electoral code, which is done with a two thirds majority. The main opposition parties, VMRO-DPMNE and the Alliance of Albanians, already spoke out against postponing the elections. Zaev claims that the elections need to be postponed to make room for the census.

This does not hold water, as the census can be conducted in November, which will be in line with the Constitution. Zaev and SDSM were assuring the public that the elections and the census can take place side by side, only to change their tune. They are clearly trying to buy some time hoping to soften their electoral defeat, VMRO-DPMNE said.

And in the meantime, municipal officer holders are publicly warning Zaev that the mandate of the current officials expires in mid October. Postponing the elections for October 31st and the subsequent delay in power transfer would leave the towns and cities in a limbo, where basic services could be affected.