A company owned by Zoran Zaev’s close adviser Dragi Raskovski took a total of 400,000 EUR in various public contracts with software and other services. This was alleged by VMRO-DPMNE official Aleksandar Pandov, amid the growing scandal that involves Raskovski, who wa revealed to have collected 80,000 EUR from the Interior Ministry for a software that still hasn’t been put to use.

Raskovski registered the Inveco company just two weeks after the Zaev Government was formed, and since he collected 400,000 EUR from the budget. The Government is caught in brazen crime, Pandov said.

Raskovski, who was named as the Secretary General of the first Zaev Government, quickly caused a list of corruption scandals and was removed from office in 2020, but remained one of Zaev’s most trusted advisers.