As Zaev prepares to purge his corrupt ministers and high level officials, Republika has learnt that one of those who will be removed is Gjoto Tanasoski, head of the Customs Office.

SDSM officials have allegedly soured on Tanasoski over the circle of people he has surrounded himself with, but another reason to have him removed is to make way for Novica Zecevik, brother of Zaev’s powerful adviser Mile Zecevik, to take over the position.

As a former highly ranked intelligence officer, Mile Zecevik has provided muscle to Zaev’s office, and is also reportedly involved in using the total control of the judiciary for the of the business lobby concentrated around the Prime Minister.

His brother Novica was appointed head of the Jasen nature preserve, a place south of Skopje which holds a number of secretive Communist era military facilities. Novica has been charged with a number of crimes in the past, and his appointment drew scrutiny in the public, but as Zaev entrenches himself in power, he could try to appoint the brother of his adviser to an even more prominent position.