The materials published by the Italian newspaper “La Verita”, which are in the possession of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as reported by the Italian newspaper, contain indications of a serious violation of the Electoral Code during the 2014 parliamentary elections.

The documents published in the paper’s online edition, which are in the possession of prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, contain the names of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice Zaev, who in a telephone conversation is seeking revenge for people who voted for VMRO-DPMNE in the elections.

Kamber the wife, the husband voted for VMRO, I want them out, the whole family voted for VMRO. And that Jasar, who is a tractor driver working with Branko, orders Vice Zaev to “discipline” those who voted for VMRO-DPMNE.

The members of the criminal group, according to La Verita, are well-known people who inexplicably have been protected for 6 years and are not held accountable for their crime.

La Verita’s video says that the evidence of electoral crime being published was obtained through special investigative measures, which incriminates Zoran Zaev (then opposition leader), Vice Zaev (his brother), Marjan Daskalovski (SDSM member) and Zoran Georgiev from PE “Komunalec Strumica”, for crimes of corruption and activities related to electoral fraud.

Zoran Georgiev from PE “Komunalec Strumica” is the husband of Loreta Georgieva, who with Zaev’s intervention became a member of the state Judicial Council. Georgiev and Zaev are family and party friends.

Marjan Daskalovski, mentioned by La Verita, is a member of SDSM, head of the Strumica Social Democrats, and was an MP from the fourth constituency.

La Verita’s video reads parts of the special investigative measures that reveal how the election bribery run with the concrete steps of the suspects.

La Verita stands behind the authenticity of the facts it publishes, and it has announced that the documents in the possession of the Macedonian prosecution will be published in three articles. According to the newspaper, the documents in the hands of the Macedonian prosecution are incriminating Zoran Zaev for crimes of corruption and activities related to election fraud..

During the 2014 parliamentary elections, he as head of the SDSM and mayor of Strumica, according to the documentation, he was involved in a broad electoral fraud supported by his brother Vice Zaev, writes the Italian daily La Verita.

La Verita obtained evidence of such frauds when the Macedonian prosecution, following the official report, timely carried out special investigative measures, but without initiating proceedings against the suspects.

Even though the alleged crime we discovered known as criminal charge 50/16 at the Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption the prescription period has not yet elapsed, and soon everything should lead to further developments. In the coming days, in order not to invalidate the usability of the materials still available to the Prosecutor’s Office, we will just publish excerpts of part the documentation.