After the rarely critical US State Department report that pointed the high level of corruption in Macedonia, the Zaev Government issued a statement insisting that it is determined to fight corruption. The report pointed out that Macedonia reached a historic low in the Transparency International report on fighting corruption, that there are indications of corruption in the Government and that what fight against corruption is there is aimed at political opponents and low level cases.

After trying to brush off the original Transparency International report as “perception, not fact”, in its response to the State Department report the Government now pledges to get serious.

The Government is determined and seriously dedicated to resolving the decades old problems and tackling high level corruption and organized crime is at the top of the priorities of the national reforms that are already delivering results. Clearing up the judiciary, more transparency in the institutions, a new strategy for seizure of property, digital systems that remove the human factor from decision making, are irreversible moves that will prevent any former, current and future office holder when it comes to corruption, the Government said.