In an apparent snub, the website of the Zaev Government did not include any reference to Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska’s visit to the United States.

While the website normally covers all sorts of mundane activities by Government ministers, Sekerinska’s meeting with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other US officials was nowhere to be seen on the website. Only after Republika reported on this, did the website administrators correct this omission and added two news items – about the meeting with Austin and about the display of the Macedonian flag in a Pentagon corridor dedicated to NATO allies.

The US Embassy reported extensively on Sekerinska’s visit to Washington, where she was accompanied by Ambassador Kate Byrnes, which made the lack of acknowledgement for the visit on the part of the Government even more noticeable.

Sekerinska recently withdrew from her post as deputy leader of the SDSM party and has been distancing herself from Zaev. In the meantime, news outlets close to Sekerinska became vocal in attacking some of Zaev’s top lieutenants, and contributed to the arrest of his chief of staff Dragi Raskovski on corruption charges.