Spokesman Dusan Arsovski repeated the Government position that legalization of marijuana needs to happen as soon as possible. This issue has become practically the single focus point of the Zaev regime after its failure to secure the opening of EU accession talks.

The Government has emphasized that it would be good to have the legal changes adopted by the end of the year, so that next year we can rake in the 250 million EUR coming from production of medicinal cannabis. This will stimulate high paying new jobs, and the Government is following international and European standards from countries such as Canada, Holland and Czechia, who make 55 billion EUR per year from this activity. Cannabis is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, Arsovski said during his press conference today.

Macedonia has already legalized production of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes and the Zaev regime was busy issuing permits for planting and extraction to his family members and cronies. But as the expected profits failed to materialize, and allegations that the harvests are actually being sent to the black market, the push now is to legalize recreational use of marijuana. This has already led to a spike in crime, as gangs fought over marijuana shipments in two serious incidents earlier this month.