A stable consolidated parliamentary majority is the last lie of Zoran Zaev as Prime Minister. Now the former prime minister has not fulfilled his will to provide a government with a stable majority to his successor Kovacevski.

Marks my words, the parliamentary majority of SDSM will grow after the local elections, pledged Zoran Zaev even when he did not believe that he would soon resign from the post of Prime Minister.

Although the ruling parties SDSM and DUI presented him as a key player who will provide the new government with a “stable majority of 65 and even more MPs”, Zaev once again failed. Last night’s vote on the new government only confirmed the statements of the opposition MPs that the government does not have a stable majority. As before, so from now on the country will be led by a brittle government, which will have barely a majority of 62 MPs in Parliament.

From the “kidnapping” of Kastriot Rexhepi when the opposition secured a majority for the fall of Zaev’s government, until yesterday SDSM and DUI claimed that they have a stable majority that is growing. Bujar Osmani called Zaev “an important figure in maintaining stability in the majority”.

There is no doubt that this majority has over 61 MPs, there are several options for that, but let me not reveal details, because the negotiations are ongoing, said Osmani.

The old-new Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bytyqi was also confident in his statements that the new government would have a stable majority.

The majority is consolidating and the new government will be bigger and more stable than it was. I can not prejudge with numbers. It does not matter if they are 64, 65 or 67. I claim that we will have a stable majority, which will continue to rule until the end of the mandate, said Bytyqi.

But there is nothing from the stability – there were 62 MPs, that’s how many remained. Neither the joining of Alternative, nor the postponement of Zaev’s resignation, the blackmail and threats of the MPs managed to secure a real majority.

The Parliament has been transformed into an institution where trades are made, where neither the criteria, nor the promises, nor the trust given to it by the citizens are taken into account, said Elmi Aziri, vice president of the Alliance for Albanians, in relation the formation of the parliamentary majority done in a smuggling manner.

Kovacevski’s government was also supported by small coalition parties. Although they had many remarks about the way the LDP, DOM and the Democratic Union are treated in the government, they gave Pavle Trajanov the green light to the composition of Zaev’s successor.

It is interesting that MPs Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojcevska and Slavjanka Petrovska, who are ministers in the new government, also voted for the new government. Their term ended after the statements were signed.