The Macedonian language and identity are non-negotiable, said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, before acknowledging that Macedonia will have to move forward in its talks with Bulgaria. Spasovski expressed his support to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, after Zaev indicated that he will accept all Bulgarian demands in his now infamous BGNES interview, but has also given more critical comments toward his political mentor, which he did again today during a visit to the village of Zerovjane.

The Government is making strives to reach a principled compromise on all open issues. We remain committed to our European path, and we will do our utmost to realize our European aspirations. As a Government we proved that we are capable of closing open issues, difficult issues, and opening perspectives for our citizens, but that must be done on a principled basis, on mutual respet and reconciliation, Spasovski said.

His Kumanovo chapter of the SDSM party has been especially critical of Zaev’s willingness to accept Bulgarian demands and Spasovski’s local party branch rival, Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski, is very vocal in his opposition toward Zaev. Spasovski said that history should be left to historians, but also that “we can’t remain in the past but must look toward the future”.