Serbian businessman Predrag Koluvija, who was arrested for abusing his marijuana growing license and producing the drug for export on the black market, was about to receive a Macedonian passport.

According to the Serbian media, Koluvija himself acknowledged that he was on his way to Macedonia to receive a diplomatic passport from the Zaev regime, he is in business with. Koluvija’s marijuana business in Serbia is linked with marijuana farms in Macedonia that are unofficially under the control of the Zaev family. According to Serbian media reports, the arrest order on Koluvija was expedited by the Serbian police as they realized that with a Macedonian diplomatic passport he will easily avoid arrest.

Recently it was revealed that the Zaev regime issued passports to over 200 regional drug lords, hitmen and even ISIS commanders.
Koluvija is in direct business with Goran Krstev, a businessman from Strumica who is a loyal lieutenant of Zoran Zaev, and was pardoned along with Zaev in 2008 for their role in the illegal construction of the Global shopping mall. It is assumed that Koluvija’s business model (and that of politically powerful marijuana growers in Macedonia) is to produce the drug ostensibly for cannabis oil extraction but then dry it and sell it on the European black market.