Zoran Zaev, his Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce and the rest of their retinue were filmed today riding through Pestani today – a village on the shore of lake Ohrid. Zaev and Filipce were also seen yesterday riding along the Krusevo mountains and reportedly had a popular rural hotel opened up to service them,

Restaurants across the country are locked down due to coronavirus provisions put in place precisely by the two officials and the citizens were advised to remain in their homes – while Zaev and Filipce are going through their midlife crisis. Both shrugged off criticism after their recent decision to ride a helicopter from Skopje to Prilep, instead of making the easy trip by car.

Zaev is also using the trip to avoid public appearances where he is likely to be asked about the seizure of a large quantity of marijuana originating from a farm that is apparently run by his cousin Trajce Zaev. Filipce is also being hounded by questions about his mishandling of the epidemic and the corruption scandals which delayed the arrival of Chinese vaccines to Macedonia.

While the people are waiting for vaccines and Macedonia drowns in crime, those most responsible are riding motorcycles through Ohrid. We need them to resign, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski.