After reservations expressed from Zaev’s smaller partners LDP, DOM, NSDP and DS over his new coalition agreement with the Alternative party, critical comments also came from his other ethnic coalition partners.

The Party of the Movement of the Turks in Macedonia (PDTM) also raised objections to the deal, which other partners see as excessive. Afrim Gashi’s Alternative party caught Zaev in a tight spot, after he lost the support of the BESA party and with it the majority in Parliament. Alternative will get three Government departments, including a major one – Healthcare – and dozens of managerial positions in exchange for its four votes in Parliament. The coalition agreement would bring the number of ethnic Albanian members of the Government at the same level with the number of ethnic Macedonians.

PDTM is briefing the press that it also demands greater representation of ethnic Turks in the public administration, citing it as a demand directly from the Government in Turkey. It also wants to name a member of Government who would be tasked with bringing in foreign investments from eastern countries – primarily from Turkey.