On December 12, SDSM elects Zoran Zoran’s successor at the helm of the party between three candidates: Dimitar Kovacevski, Frosina Remenski and Jovan Despotovski.

Kovacevski started promoting his program yesterday, and Mile Zecevic is in his team, who, although he announced, did not submit a candidacy.

Zecevic said that the most important thing is to make the internal organization respectful of each individual without forgetting those who helped.

Asked if it was fair that SDSM leader Zoran Zaev stood behind one of the candidates for the party’s new leader, Zecevic said it was not unusual.

It is not an exception in other political parties for the leader to choose his successor, ie the candidate for successor who he thinks will contribute most to preserving what party unity means and I assume that Mr. Zaev from many aspects assessed all future situations and backed the candidate Dimitar Kovacevski, said Zecevic.