The procedure for the extradition of the Croatian citizen Daniel Ivanagić has started, the Ministry of Justice informed today. Ivanagić is the co-owner of the consulting company “Interholding”, which is mentioned in the case of the detention of the former Secretary General of the Government, Muhamed Zekiri, and “Macedonian Post”.

We were notified by INTERPOL Skopje that Ivanagić is deprived of his liberty in Slovenia based on an international warrant issued by the competent judicial institutions. The request for extradition has been submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Slovenia in accordance with the deadlines established by the Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters and the European Convention on Extradition, due to well-founded suspicions of a committed crime of abuse of official position and authority, the Ministry of Justice said.

Ivanagić, is in extradition detention in Slovenia, after he was arrested at a border crossing while trying to enter Slovenia, based on an international warrant.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia has not yet been notified about this case.