The agony at Bihacka [SDSM headquarters] continues. The project of driving a wedge among Albanians failed, ingloriously. It is now compensated by trying to drive a wedge among the Macedonians, among VMRO, which will also fail, infamously, political analyst Arsim Zekoli writes in his post-election analysis.

They [SDSM] have already forgotten how to win something, but everything is put in the function of sowing discord to snatch something from someone, to deceive, to copy, to plagiarize. In the process, Bihacka became a home, a bed, a haven for personal hate, stubbornness, madness, deceivers, spiritually spoiled. All looking for a way to do mischief to others – no one capable or interested in building something. The schizophrenia directed against Ahmeti before the elections is now compensated with the pathology of hysteria against Mickoski. Everything in order to divert the attention from the only loser – Zoran Zaev. Even if they [SDSM] succeed in the destructiveness directed towards others, this Bihacka will not gain the love and trust of the citizens, wrote Zekoli.