Ziadin Sela, leader of the Alliance of Albanians, accused the DUI party of perpetrating ethnic cleansing of Albanians in Macedonia with its continued corruption and failure to provide opportunities in the country. DUI has represented ethnic Albanians in the Macedonian Governments almost continuously since 2002, when it was created from the UCK/NLA terrorist organization that started the 2001 civil war. Sela pointed to the high emigration rate for ethnic Albanians from Macedonia as evidence of the effect of DUI’s policies.

Macedonian political parties are interested in having an ethnically clean Macedonian state, and together with DUI they are succeeding. Look at the emigration rate of Albanians. People are leaving the country because they are disappointed. DUI stole the last elections, Sela said.

His coalition with Alternative holds 12 seats in Parliament, opposed to 15 for DUI, and is currently expected to remain in the opposition. Macedonia has not held a census since 2002 due to resistance from ethnic Albanian parties, but anecdotal evidence shows a high emigration rate both among ethnic Macedonians and especially among ethnic Albanians. Sela’s party often points to the reduction of school-children in Albanian areas and the turnout rate in Albanian districts during elections often falls under 40 percent – indicating that a large share of the citizens are no longer residents.