The court in Gostivar ordered the politically linked mobster Zoran Mileskii – Zoki Kiceec into a month long detention, after it was determined that he caused the fatal car crash on Saturday in which a young father of was killed.

The incident caused outrage since Kiceec was already supposed to have been in prison, serving out a three year sentence over his role in the Racket scandal. But as he was cooperating with the prosecutor appointed by the Zaev regime, and apparently helped keep the Racket investigation away from Zaev himself, he was sent into an open style prison, and on top of that, given a month off for “medical issues”.

Gostivar prosecutors say that Kiceec was driving a Mercedes SUV on a very difficult mountainous road and decided to overtake a BMW car with high speed, on a bend. He hit directly into a Ssangyong van driving in the opposite direction, killing its driver. Injuries were reported in all three vehicles. The two passengers in Kiceec’s car, both Serbian citizens, were allowed to leave the country for medical treatment, adding to the suspicions about the entire case.