Zaev has lied to the citizens again. The pathetic announcement on the night after the election that he was resigning as party leader and Prime Minister disappointed with the defeat was another well-thought-out game like many times before.

Even then, Zaev did not intend to resign, but the intention was to divert attention, and the public not to deal with the reasons for the defeat, but to be presented as a man with morals who decided to retire.

And so it was. Zaev received praise from the region and Europe as an example to be followed by other politicians after the election defeats.

But, what will they say now after last night Zaev smiling as if nothing happened did not mention his resignation but said that he remains to help because they were looking for it in the party.

The question is to help in what? In the distribution of what is left in the dispute with Bulgaria or the increase in the price of electricity?

Zaev’s plan is clear and transparent. He hopes that the EU will save him by convincing Bulgaria to lift the veto, and he will get his work done until then by accepting everything that his “brothers” from Sofia will ask from him.

The chances of that are almost nil. Not because Zaev is not ready for a compromise,of course to our detriment, but there is no time.

Until December 14, when the EU Council is due to decide, Bulgaria will not have elected a government, as elections are due later this month. And the technical government in Sofia will certainly not dare to raise its hand for Macedonia.

That is why Zaev and his people will do everything possible to prolong the vote of no-confidence in the government tomorrow in order to have time until Saturday when there must be a vote to buy another month of power.

But once the car starts rolling there is no going back….