Hristijan Mickoski, leader of VMRO-DPMNE, firmly stated that his party is not considering forming a coalition with DUI after the elections. He emphasized the significance of respecting the anti-government sentiment expressed in the April 24 election and underscored the importance of honoring the voice of the people.

Mickoski condemned what he perceived as coercive and corrupt practices by DUI, stating that such actions do not align with the will of the people. He cited instances of alleged irregularities, including a specific case in the municipality of Lipkovo, where the Administrative Court ruled on irregularities in a polling station. He also expressed suspicions of similar occurrences in other locations such as Gostivar and Tetovo.

Despite accusations of vote-buying against DUI, Mickoski asserted that the party cannot evade being relegated to the opposition. He criticized DUI’s approach, arguing that it does not acknowledge the reality of Macedonia as a binational state.

Regarding governance, Mickoski outlined plans for a robust crackdown on corruption attributed to both DUI and SDSM. He highlighted the pervasive nature of corruption in Macedonia, likening it to a pandemic. He expressed concerns about limitations in the criminal code, which he believes hinder the government’s ability to effectively address corruption.

Mickoski announced the formation of an anti-corruption front, emphasizing its necessity for the country’s development across various sectors including society, the economy, education, and healthcare. He stressed that without concerted efforts to combat corruption, Macedonia would struggle to progress.