Zoran Zaev has used up his yellow cards and is in for a red one, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at the large gathering in Ohrid, held on the Day of the Macedonian Struggle. Mickoski called on the voters of Ohrid to seal the first round win for the VMRO candidate Kiril Pecakov, and to add to the wins in other cities to force Zaev to keep his promise and resign as Prime Minister.

Zaev is clutching at straws. Ke knows that the people are deservedly turned against him, after all the disappointments and defeats. He’s been in power for five years, and for at least three years he tells you that he’s learnt his lesson. But he never learns. All his yellow cards are used up, and it’s time for the red one, Mickoski said.

After the trashing his candidates received in the first round, Zaev said that he will be forced to resign if he loses in the capital Skopje. Meanwhile, VMRO-DPMNE is preparing to put together a new ruling coalition, aiming at Zaev’s smaller coalition partners. Mickoski said that this new Government will focus on implementing Macedonia’s national interests, joining the European Union and building the economy.

The new patriotism I speak about is building new factories and bringing in new investments, the new roads we need to build. The new spirit of togetherness and the demolition of the walls that divide us. This won’t happen overnight, but we have to start somewhere. I firmly believe in a Macedonia with a spine of steel, are will for new victories and successes, Mickoski said.

The VMRO leader also had a message for Bulgaria, which is blocking Macedonia’s EU accession talks, as it demands major concessions from the Zaev regime on issues of national identity.

We have no right to be angry at Bulgaria. It is natural that they will protect their national interests. What hurts us is that our country is led by people who are willing to accept all, to haggle about everything. This is not about the lack of understanding between the two sides, but lack of wisdom from the Macedonian Government. The pressure it puts on our members of the historic commission leads to further fights and poor relations. The Prime Minister gives promises to Sofia, and is not driven by the need to protect our national interests. He is driven by his need to remain in office for a few days more. He keeps lying to our neighbors, and to his own people. Hundreds of problems stream from this one man. We adopted a resolution in the Macedonian Parliament, proposed by VMRO, and he accepted it. The red lines outlined there bound him to and his behavior in this dispute which did not even exist five years ago, Mickoski said.

He added that Bulgaria and other neighbors will find an open hand from VMRO-DPMNE, but that the party will protect Macedonia’s national interests. Mickoski called on President Pendarovski to intervene in this crisis.