This government of Kovacevski is a continuation of the corrupt government of Zaev that the citizens punished in the elections, a government that brought economic devastation, continuous situation of daily price hikes, job loss and economic sinking, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President and MP Aleksandar Nikoloski at Saturday’s Parliament session discussing the election of a new government, adding that with this government, corruption is flourishing and at the same time brings us national humiliation.

In the recent elections, Zaev clearly said that they are “all in” and elections that decide on his legitimacy, his government and party and the people severely punished him. We are here today because every policy of Zoran Zaev has been defeated, we are here because the people have fiercely defeated the national humiliation, fiercely defeated corruption, incompetence and economic failures. That is why Zoran Zoran is leaving, but he did not have the courage to bring his party to face the people for the general concept that the country should follow. There is almost no example of such an artificial escape from the people, said Nikoloski.

He stressed that confrontation with the people is necessary, the people should say whether they agree with these policies.