Interior MInister Oliver Spasovski said that hte police is still trying to determine the cause of the mafia style double killing in Skopje overnight. Two Albanians in their 20ies, Burim Vardari and Afrim Berisha, were gunned down with automatic rifle fire while they were sitting in their car in Topaansko Pole, a district in the north of Skopje.

Spasovski said that a detailed investigation is being conducted, but locals reported that there were no police teams in the area this morning. The Citroen in which the two were gunned down was also removed.

The area has a number of active groups of the local Albanian mafia. The incident comes days after a police officer – and son of the former head of the Islamic Community Sulejman Rexhepi, was fired upon in the western Skopje district of Gjorce Petrov. Zekljulj Rexhepi escaped with just a leg injury.