After DUI, the SDSM party is also revealing its choices for members of the next Government it hopes to have adopted in Parliament soon. Main changes including moving Nikola Dimitrov from the foreign department to Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration. Mila Carovska will swap the Labour and Welfare Ministry for Education, and will be replaced by Jagoda Sahpaska.

Zoran Zaev’s foreign policy adviser Bojan Maricic will replace Renata Deskoska in the badly troubled justice department. Stip Mayor Blagoj Bocvarski will replace Goran Sugareski as Transportation Minister. Venko Filipce would remain as Healthcare Minister, Radmila Sekerinska would keep the department of defense, Oliver Spasovski – the department of interior and Ljupco Nikolovski would be Deputy Prime Minister tasked with improving the dismal record of the Government in fighting corruption. Irena Stefoska is tapped to be the next Culture Minister.

DUI already announced its positions in the Government, chief among them is naming Artan Grubi, the main confidant of party leader Ali Ahmeti, as a powerful Deputy Prime Minister who is expected to have veto power over all major decisions made by Prime Minister Zaev. DUI will also hold the key Finance Ministry, as well as foreign Affairs and Public Administration.


Goran Milevski from the small LDP party would be named as minister in charge of municipal self-administration. Another small SDSM coalition partner, BESA, would appoint Arianit Hoxha as Agriculture Minister. Zaev will also name one of his advisers, Fatmir Bitiqi, as Deputy Prime Minister who will deal with economic matters.