With the new way of operating, SDSM for the first time introduced a monitoring system on the work of municipal organizations and merit system, said the party, adding that after a systematic evaluation, SDSM President Zoran Zaev, in coordination with Secretary General Ljupco Nikolovski and party leadership, appointed presidents of 10 municipal organizations of SDSM in Gostivar, Novaci, Zelino, Rosoman, Sopiste, Gjorce Petrov, Demir Hisar, Jegunovce, Studenicani.

SDSM wins and changes and that is why the trust and support of the citizens is constantly growing. And the network of SDSM is growing. New municipal organizations of SDSM have already been formed in the municipalities of Zelino and Lipkovo. Thus, SDSM is the only party in the country that has a local organization in all municipalities in the country, the party said.

It added that SDSM is a party close to the citizens and works in the interest of the citizens.