The truth has come to light, SDSM and Kovacevski do not have 80 MPs for Constitutional amendments and the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution of Macedonia. SDSM’s lies that there will be constitutional changes have failed. Dimitar Kovachevski refused the offer from VMRO-DPMNE because he knows that there are not enough MPs to change the Constitution.

Kovacevski should not be afraid. At the first next session, let him put the Constitutional amendments on the agenda in the Parliament in order to face the reality that there are no MPs to change the Constitution. But the day after that, he should resign and early parliamentary elections be called, so that he can hear and see the opinion of the citizens about the national betrayals he made to the Macedonian citizens and Macedonia. Faced with reality and scared of early parliamentary elections, Kovacevski is looking for a way to escape from facing the citizens. The fear is great because he knows he will experience a catastrophic defeat. There will be no constitutional changes, and the MPs of VMRO-DPMNE are the guarantor of that, the intimidation and threats of SDSM will not succeed. Let Dimitar Kovacevski gather courage and face the citizens in early parliamentary elections, said VMRO-DPMNE.