The State Bureau of Statistics confirmed on Monday what we were saying all these years – that the Government applies erroneous agricultural policies, wrote Cvetan Tripunovski from VMRO-DPMNE in a Facebook post.

“The total value of purchased agricultural products in the first three months of the year is reduced by 35.3% percent relative to the same period last year. The situation is worst with the individual farmers, where the purchase was reduced by 58.7%”, Tripunovski writes.

The drastic fall in the amount of purchased domestic agricultural products is related to the increased import of agricultural products, Tripunovsi claims.

” Out of 15 large greenhouses in the country, only three are active. Participation in the market of domestic spring production is down to a mere 10%, while the import dominates”, Tripunovski concludes, calling for the Government to resign and let the changes happen.