Macedonia, who is still not a NATO member but was invited for the photo-ops and had the flag of NOM (“North” Macedonia) raised in London, had an interesting first NATO summit.
The meeting in London was marred by arguments between France and Turkey, President Trump’s insistence that NATO members take back their ISIS fighters and eventually the President left early after being insulted by his top allies.

A video showed the leaders of Britain, Canada and France apparently joking about Trump, his press conferences, the way he talks and how his team had their “jaws drop” while listening to Trump speak. President Trump responded by calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two faced”, an apparent riff on Trudeau’s recent scandal where old pictures of him in blackface appeared in the public. Trump immediately added that he likes Trudeau and that the real reason other leaders are angry at him is that he is pushing them to increase their military spending.

As this drama, and the much more substantive disputes over France’s call for European autonomy in the defense and its argument with Turkey over Syria, Macedonia’s outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was posting pictures of his own meetings with Trudeau, Merkel, and Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez, whose country is the last yet to ratify Macedonia’s NATO accession protocol.