VMRO-DPMNE announced that tomorrow at 10h the party will present evidence showing how Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is abusing the state system and institutions for his political gain, to go after opposition activists, candidates and officials.

This case will lay bare the truth about how the Zaev Government operates, and why our country is labeled as a hybrid regime. This evidence shows that the state apparatus is in the service of the party in power, and not the citizens. Such abuses are not seen in post-war Europe, the party said in a statement.

At the moment, there is no clearer indication about the nature of the abuses that the opposition party intends to reveal. The announcement comes in the middle of the of the electoral campaign between the two rounds of the local elections. VMRO clearly won the first round, and is strongly placed to win the main urban centers and a majority of all municipalities in the country – an outcome after which Zaev announced that he will resign as Prime Minister and SDSM party leader.