VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski condemned the insistence of the Zaev regime to hold mayoral elections in Stip and Plasnica during a huge spike in Covid-19 cases. The two mayors were elected to the Government and the Parliament and even though the regular elections take place less than a year from now, the ruling SDSM party insists on electing new mayors, despite boycotts from the entire opposition bloc.

With 1,400 newly infected in one day you want to hold elections, where you will run unopposed like in North Korea? You will sacrifice lives just to advance Zaev’s career? You don’t care about elections, you only care about continuing your racketeering, Stoilkovski said.

Stip is one of the worst affected cities in the country, due to its large textile industry sector, while in Plasnica, the DUI party mayor Ismail Jahoski, now elected to the Parliament, himself hada major Covid scare.