Pendarovski made a huge mistake refusing the offer for membership in the EEA, comments the MP Antonio Milososki. According to him, the EEA offers participation in the single free market, and offers the “four freedoms” of movement of capital, people, goods and services with the EU, and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Pendarovski said that in November 2019 he talked with Macron about EEA membership. The question is why Pendarovski did not inform about this in his annual address to the Parliament? Why he did not discuss this offer with the Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance and why he did not open a public debate in the society, in accordance with his pre-election promise that he would work for a better economic perspective of Macedonia? President Pendarovski had no right to decide alone, much less to reject such a strategically good offer for Macedonia’s progress, Milososki said.