Authorities in Switzerland have sent 300 people into a ten-day quarantine as a precaution after they visited a nightclub in Zurich, the regional health department said on Saturday.

Several people who went to the Flamingo Club on June 21 tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Zurich health authorities said late Saturday.

In a statement, the health department spoke of its first-ever Covid-19 “superspreader” event.

Initially, one man who had visited the club tested positive for Covid-19. Five other people who were in the club with him then developed symptoms and also tested positive.

The club operator was able to provide the authorities with a list of contact details for club visitors on the evening in question.

Thanks to this list, a contact tracing team was able to inform the guests of the measure, it said.

The number of new infections with the coronavirus has recently increased again in Switzerland, with 69 new cases discovered within one day, about three times more than at the beginning of the week.

Source: dpa/MIA