The construction of the South Buda Central Hospital will start next spring. The super-hospital will be built on a floor space of 223,000 square metres and will provide care for 1.2 million people. With the exception of plastic surgery for people suffering from burns, all healthcare services will be available in the institution, reports Daily News Hungary.

Róbert J. Bedros, the consultant of PM Viktor Orbán, said that “in this hospital, literally everything will be about the patient: not only about their recovery but also about creating the optimal environment that best serves them.” Moreover, the institution will not serve only the population of the capital. It also receives patients from 5 counties located in Western and Central Hungary and provides non-stop emergency care, writes

The decision was made to have the future hospital be located in South Buda based on the empty space found there ideal for such a complex hospital. In addition, the hospital is being built in a good location in terms of public transport. There are already 20 bus services, but the infrastructure is being further developed.

In terms of the size of the hospital, it is outstanding not only for Budapest and Hungary but also in the world.

With a floor area of 223 thousand square metres and 1,200 beds, it is capable of serving 1.2 million patients at the same time. Creating such a huge building complex takes a lot of time. For example, the Austrian Krankenhaus Nord was being designed for 5 years and was being built for 7 years. Construction of the South Buda Central Hospital (Dél-budai Centrumkórház, BDC) is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2022 and be completed by 2026.

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