A Hungarian teenager was arrested after the authorities suspected him of preparing a massacre in his former school. The 17 year old used a video game to plan out the school and then conducted a “virtual massacre” of video characters in the game, prompting concerns that he is preparing for an actual massacre.

Local media report that the boy from the city of Miskolc was planning to purchase a gun as soon as he reaches 18 years of age, and that he spoke about his plans at school. Concerns in the region are high after the US style massacre at an elementary school in Belgrade, Serbia, carried out last week by one of the students.

In the case in Hungary, the boy spoke about planning to kill himself after the attack, but also that he intended a shoot-out with the police. He lived with his mother and was active in online groups where participants discussed school massacres – the group included girls who the boy thought will be attracted to such bizarre types of crimes. He is now being investigated for mental illnesses.