A 41 year old passenger of a bus is praised as a hero after he jumped into the driver’s seat after the driver fainted.

About 50 people were on a motorway in the Czech Republic, driving at full speed, when the driver felt ill and fainted. The vehicle drifted back and forth on the motorway with 50 passengers on board. Finally, one of them managed to sit behind the wheel and stopped the coach. He has since been celebrated as a hero for saving the passengers’ lives.

The police received a report on Monday morning that a coach was drifting on the motorway and hit the guardrail several times. It turned out that the driver had fainted, and the collisions made him fall out of his seat.

Out of the 50 passengers on board, a 41-year-old man responded to the situation quickly and saved the lives of the others.

I thought to myself that we were in a huge trouble, so I jumped into the driver’s seat and started steering, the man said, adding that he asked another passenger to pull the driver away from the floor as his feet had stuck under the pedals. “After that, I was able to use the pedals and started braking.”

The man, working as a programmer, drove another kilometer and finally stopped the vehicle at a petrol station. He said he had never driven a bus before, he only had a licence for passenger cars. “It’s an incredibly heroic act. He saved the lives of 50 people,” a Czech police spokesman said. According to the ambulance service, there could have been a mass accident if the man hadn’t acted so quickly. The driver was taken to hospital, the cause of his collapse is still unknown. The passengers escaped without a scratch.