Floating crane Clark Adam will be anchored due to the high water level of the Danube in Ujpest, one of the northern districts of Budapest. The emergency teams will probably not attempt to raise the wreck of last week’s boat accident on Thursday, Hungary’s public television reported on Wednesday.

A Hungarian public television newsman reported from the board of floating crane Clark Adam that they are expected to arrive at the Ujpest docks around 4:00 PM, where they would anchor. The water level of the Danube is still high, so they cannot approach the scene of the accident.

Another reporter, referring to the leader of the technical rescue team, said that divers would not go down again on Wednesday, because the tasks set for the day have been completed. The next task is to fully stabilise the ship Hableany in order to prevent the wreck to be moved by the current. The experts said on the spot that the shipwreck would not be raised on Wednesday for sure, but probably they cannot start the operation on Thursday, either.

Yonhap South Korean news agency reported that South Korea requested permission from Hungary to search the interior of the ship, but their request was rejected for security reasons. The Hungarian authorities decided on raising the hull instead.

Another body was recovered on Wednesday morning at the wreck, so the number of victims of the Danube ship accident has officially increased to 13.

Last Wednesday evening, shortly after 9:00 PM, the cruise ship Viking crashed into the much smaller sightseeing ship Hableany near Margaret Bridge. The sightseeing ship carried South Korean tourists, and sank in a matter of seconds. Seven people were rescued, and seven bodies of South Korean citizens were found on the same day, 21 people disappeared. Since then, more bodies have been recovered, 15 people are still being sought.

Source: v4na.com