Turnout in the on-going European elections seems to be overall higher than during the 2014 elections. Especially in some large migrant cities, such as Berlin and Brussels, long lines were reported in front of the embassies of Poland, Romania and other high emigration countries.
Hungary, France, Estonia and Croatia all reported higher turnout rates during the day.

Some countries are also publishing exit polls. A Greek exit poll shows the conservative New Democracy party beating the ruling leftist party SYRIZA by about 5 points. The poll, whose accuracy is uncertain, also shows the latest incarnation of the social-democratic PASOK party breaking into third place above the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, but another nationalist party is also slated to win seats in the European Parliament.

And a German exit poll by Infratest estimates that the Green party is racing to the second place, easily beating the social-democratic SPD, and clsoing in on first ranked CDU/CSU coalition. And the nationalist AfD party seems set to win about 10 seats in Parliament and become the fourth largest German party in the EP.

Exit polls in Austria show that the right wing FPO party will see a small drop in support after the affair in which its members of Government were forced to resign after its leader was recorded in business talks with a Russian businessman. FPO is projected to lose one seat and go down to 3, while Sebastian Kurz’s OVP party will easily beat the social-democrats with 7 seats to 5.