Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban celebrated his win in the European elections on Sunday by declaring that he proved his own people are closer to him than the migrants. Orban called on the center right EPP party to make sure it avoids coalitions with left wing radicals as it sets out to form the next European Commission.

We are empowered by the Hungarians to stop migration, to protect Europe of nations and of the Christian culture. This is what we’ll do. Hungarians want change in Europe and we will cooperate with everyone who wants to stop migration, Orban said.

His Fidesz party swept the elections in Hungary, winning 13 out of 21 seats assigned to the country. The European People’s Party, where Fidesz belongs but faces pressure from the more centrist members, is the largest party in the European Parliament, but now has a reduced number of seats. Some of its parties, like that of Orban and the Slovenian SDS, want the EPP to move further to the right and seek a coalition with the parties on the more conservative end of the spectrum. Other, more centrist parties, feel more comfortable seeking to continue their ties with the also reduced social-democrats, as well as the expanded greens and liberal-democrats.

Orban is open to cooperation with some of the right wing non-EPP parties, like Matteo Salvini’s Lega which won in Italy with 33.8 percent of the votes, and the Polish PiS party which saw off the combined opposition to win the elections with 45.6 percent.