The German government plans to cover the treatment costs for seriously ill Covid-19 patients who were brought to the country from other European nations to help those struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Europe stands together also in times of crisis,” Health Minister Jens Spahn said in a statement issued on Monday.

Covid-19 is the potentially deadly respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

German hospitals have already treated more than 200 patients from other European countries in their intensive care units and are ready to take in more, according to the minister.

According to the proposals for covering the costs, a copy of which dpa has seen, the usual payment by the home country would not apply to “emergencies caused by Covid-19 for which the capacities in relevant EU neighbouring countries are insufficient.”

The Health Ministry estimated the presumed costs to be up to 20 million euros (22 million dollars).

The legislative change needed to take over the costs would initially apply until the end of September. This will also help to eliminate “uncertainties” for the hospitals, the proposals say.